Many people don’t know much about writing an essay that can please many eyes when read. However, there are also very good writers of essays who have been celebrated for writing outstanding essays. An essay can be discursive, argumentative or explanatory, also called expository essay. A discursive essay is one in which the writer just presents a discussion of the topic involved in the writing. In this kind of writing just discuss widely the topic that is involved in your discussion. You just have the points. You may be asked for instance, to write a discursive essay on: “discuss the process of cooking bread” what you will realize is that in this question of discussion, you can write it without the points on how to cook bread. This kind of writing will require that you research on the procedure involved in cooking bread and you have to discuss them step by step. If you mix up the procedures, then you will be marked wrong. In addition, do not you have to give the ingredients used in cooking bread and the proportions that are applied in mixing them? In the explanatory essay, all you have to do is to give explanation. Here, you will not get deep into the topic as it is in the discursive essay. Just give an explanation. In argumentative essay as we said before, you have to give a view of both sides of the argument then finally take your stand finally. Your stand in the argumentative essay must be an informed stand and not just a stand for the sake of it. Make your essay very interesting irrespective of the type of essay you are writing.