In a word, 5 paragraph expository essay is a piece of information that includes explanation of something using various facts abstracted from viewpoints. Generally, 5 paragraph expository essay has a number of distinctive features. The most significant are the following:

  • Every expository essay should start with a succinct and clear thesis statement.
  • You provide either viewpoints of some other person or just present facts, without referring to your point of view.
  • The essay of this type should be written only in the 2nd person – especially if it includes description of a certain activity or process.
  • Your project should include expository essay ideas and evidence that back up the thesis – factual, statistical, logical, based on some example – that does not matter.


They say that the best way to fully understand something is to try to explain it to some other person. Perhaps, it’s the key reason why the majority of students are assigned with expository essay to cope with from time to time.

Avail of these tips to properly organize your expository essay ideas and ease the writing process:

  • Imagine you’re a college teacher and your task is to explain something to the audience of students who know nothing about it. If you were in the students’ shoes, what would be the best manner to explain it to you?
  • Express your creativity. Although expository essay doesn’t mean that you have to create verses on the subject, there’s no need to stick to some example expository essay, cliché or essay writing formulas, even the ones you may read here. If you happen to face with hilarious and suitable locution, do not hesitate to make use of it!
  • Avoid overdoing! If you’re assigned with the task to provide explanation for something, do not put down every single thing you know on the subject. Keep away from the obvious!


Expository essay writing is usually based on the construction of classical nature. Introductive section should involve comprehensible thesis statement. The thing is that the topic you’re required to cover is in all likelihood to be quite limited one and the paper should not be too long, so, there’s no need to be very verbose. All paragraphs of the essay body should involve a point that is linked to the thesis, no matter in what kind of relation it is with everything else: distinctive features, succession of events, etc. At long last, the conclusion of the essay does not have to repeat the thesis you’ve mentioned in the introduction, but you should point it out while taking into consideration what you’ve said in the essay body section.

Generally speaking, the key principle of expository essay writing lies in providing explanations just the way that would have been logical and understandable for you personally.