An expository essay is a written paper that includes information on a given subject. In other words expository essay consists of the facts only. Take a look at any expository essay example and you will see that it is some sort of summarization of the points of views of the other people, but nevertheless this type of essay should keep up an objective perspective. If you are not knowledgeable about the topic you’re assigned with, you will have to conduct a thorough research in order to find information and expository essay ideas.

A.    Expository essay ideas for topics

Among the most compelling topics one may single out different historical events (wars, revolutions etc.), internationally influential individuals (inventors, political leaders etc.), artistic or literary movements, social or religious issues. In order to write an effective expository essay, you need to narrow the topics in order to have an opportunity to treat them more justly. As an expository essay example you may take the one that is written about World War II, but, unfortunately, this topic is too enormous. The causes of the WWII or its impact on the economics of the USA are more approachable ideas.

B.     Thoughts and ideas proper organization

If you look at any expository essay template you’ll see that a professionally written expository essay is the one that includes strictly ordered information. One of the most convenient ways to record necessary information for your research is note cards or sticky notes. When the research is done, you will have to organize the information in several categories to provide the topic sentence with support. For instance, an expository essay on the impact of WWII on the USA would divide the body into political, social and economic effects. You will be able to organize all the research note cards into suitable categories.

C.    Introduction and conclusion sections planning

Remember, the introduction section is the only one chance to grab your reader’s attention. For instance, you may start your paper with some striking or shocking fact linked to the topic of the essay. In the conclusion section you need to rephrase the introduction starting with a topic statement and then ending the paragraph with 1 or 2 sentences that speak about the original attention grabbing info. If you resort to provocations in your introduction/conclusions you will 100% make your reader to think about the problem in a new light and ponder over the relation of the issue to his own life.