Critical thinking can be defined as a method of higher order thinking that raises questions and produce assumptions.

Critical thinking is indeed helpful in order to decide whether a claim is true or false, partly true or absolutely false. The history of critical thinking can be traced back with the Socratics methodologies and Ancient Greece. In the present scenario, Critical thinking has turned out to be an important component of all professions. In the present scenario, this style of thinking is masterfully integrated in educational process and university or college students are specially trained to think with a critical approach.

Critical thinking is a multifaceted task and it stats with analyzing any situation. The second phase involves reasoning in which individual figure out the truth and realities associated with any concept. The third phase of critical thinking is evaluation of pre collected data of facts. One should keep in mind that critical thinking essay is the best approach to problem solving and unless and until our evaluations are not justified we cannot attain desired results.

This level of thinking cannot be compared with the mindset of ordinary or layman’s mind as mind of people who thinks critically are extensively involved in multiprocessing and tasking. No doubt to argue that, such quality is God gifted and one can polish or furnish it with time and experience. In the present scenario, most of the business expatriates working with high profile organizations are subjected to critical thinking in order to make vital decisions.