For your article review to be considered good, you need to do a lot of careful reading, decisive critical thinking and a well organized clear thinking.  It will be very difficult to come up with a critical article review if you do not understand the article you seek to review and in order to understand you article, you may have to read the article several times  to get both the big picture and to understand the fine details of the article. This entails determining the main argument, idea or thesis writing of the article you want to write an article review on and noting the article’s main points. After understanding what the article is all about, you can now begin writing your article review as you reflect on the author’s main points using your own words as you understand the article. Using your own words to write your article review helps you to not only uncover your ideas but to also find the words and language to express your ideas. As you write your article review, you should keep in mind that you are writing the article review to communicate your perception about the article. You should also plan your article review to contain a summary of the article’s main points, and follow this with your personal evaluation of these ideas. You should also determine your overall assessment of the ideas in the article and this entails whether you find the article of positive, negative of mixed influence. For every point or evidence you include in your article review writing, be sure to back up this evidence with an example or two using credible sources.