In case of expository writing or exposition you may always use the same rule as with any other kind of academic writing in general – the best expository essay idea is the idea you are familiar with and interested in. It is useless to suggest a topic that may be really easy for you to write to someone who has never heard about it and isn’t in the slightest excited by the thought of composing a piece of writing based on it.

Thus, one of the first expository essay writing tips we will give you is as follows: think what you are competent in and try to imagine a topic that would write itself. It is much easier that to go out of your way to write something you don’t know or care about.

Ideas for expository essay can be found anywhere, depending on what is the subject or discipline you are writing on. For example, you may try to draw parallels between some situation in the past and modern times and explain how the former influenced the latter. Or select certain concept of trend and explain what it means, what it is and what its main features are. Don’t be afraid of taking something unusual – the more unusual and original the topic is, the bigger the possibility that the teacher will forgive you certain drawbacks if they are present.

As you may see, expository essay writing tips are rather general and sometimes vague, but it makes them all the easier to apply. You don’t have to repeat a certain set of pre-determined actions, it is better to act on your own judgment and know that the best expository essay idea is not the one somebody advised you to use, but the one that you yourself consider to be interesting, well-known and easy to write on.