An article review, which is sometimes christened as a critique of an article, entails one reading a certain article and writing personal thoughts about the article’s contents. When asked to write an article review by your lecturer, your lecturer will most likely provide you with a set of guidelines to help you when writing the article review. As such, one should ensure that one understands and adheres to all the instructions provided by one’s instructor when writing an article review. Generally, an article review begins with a heading that should mention some details about the article one is writing an article review about.

The article review’s introductory paragraph should provide the reader with the more details about the article such as its title and author, a summary of the article and mention the main points of the article. It can be very difficult to review every detail covered in an article, especially if the article is lengthy and this is why an article review should only highlight the article’s important points. Should one find oneself requiring more than one paragraph to summarize the article’s main points, one should probably find ways of reducing the information because the summary of the article should be very short, particularly for short article reviews. As one writes an article review, one should keep in mind that the article review is more of a personal opinion of what the reviewer perceives of the article and how the writer of the article has written the article.

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